Social media

Premium care and creative on all possible fronts of communication - Instagram, TikTok, Facebook, YouTube, LinkedIn and even Threads.


Guaranteed results in building and maintaining online presence. Achieved through unwavering professionalism, but also passion and personal dedication.


Sharp strategizing, attentive management and a wide variety of digital marketing tactics. All this while focusing on maintaining rigorous financial discipline with client budget.


A lot more than just knowing what to write and how to write it. Relying on the main principle of delivering strong messages through the smallest amount of words.


Proven visual attention-grabbers and emotion-evokers. Full-range design opportunities - from brand identity generation and rebranding to packaging and website designs.

Marketing strategy

Mastering the art of understanding buying decisions to boost sales and brand awareness, through psychologically examining target audiences' behaviors and attitudes.

Audio production

Narrating a brand's story through recognizable and captivating auditory messages. Specializing in voice ads, jingles, synchronization and quite a few more.


Generating photographic content aiming at not just being visually appealing but also sales-driven with the goal of increasing conversions and improving engagement rates.


The 2024 marketing king. And one of MUZE's absolute specialties. Spanning through social media content, product videos, TVCs, animations and more.


Unquestionable reputation for going the extra-mile to meet project deadlines and client visions, no matter the direction - advertising strategies, out-of-home campaigns, bold city art installations and full-scale creative care.

Strategic marketing consulting

Whether to redefine market position, enhance digital presence, or any other, MUZE turn goals into results.


MUZE as your 360-degree digital agency means partnering with a team that is dedicated to your success across every touchpoint.


The best part of our relationship with the MUZE team was the fact that we didn’t have to explain who we are and what we want. They were Happy to provide us with the best solutions for our campaigns. Creative, straight shooters! We are a Happy client.

Todor Kirov

Influencer Marketing Manager, Happy Bar & Grill

Great work, team! Creative, responsive, and flexible throughout the whole process of bringing the brand message to our clients, remaining relevant over time. Their creation was unique and memorable beyond compare, which contributed tremendously to overachieving the goals set. Thanks to MUZE we are inspired for future projects and creative concepts.

Marina Gencheva

Executive Manager, Pulse

MUZE has played a pivotal role in our business development, helping us to expand to an unexplored online presence. Kudos, MUZE team, great work!

Ilian Kodzhahristov

Co-Founder & CEO, PUSH Marketplace

MUZE has a great team of talented and passionate professionals who have been instrumental in helping us establish a confident brand identity and made the communication of it in the local market. They have been incredibly responsive, flexible, and forward-thinking, delivering what we need and even more, giving ideas and share thoughts on how to improve our brand. Working with them over the past two years has been a fulfilling experience, and we couldn't be happier with the results. We highly recommend MUZE to anyone looking for a reliable and trustworthy partner in the marketing world.

Slavyanka Stoykova

CEO, owner, Crimson Professional Cosmetics

It's always a good feeling when you know you've made the right decision in choosing MUZE as a partner, especially when it comes to something as important as your brand's positioning.

Ivan Todorov

CEO, Tradeon Group

The MUZE team is truly inspiring! Their accessibility, knowledge, and confidence in their strategy are truly admirable. The team is committed to being a true partner and is alsways willing to communicate successes and concerns. The delivered concept has met our expectations and MUZE's promises. Their dedication to excellence has earned them a trust factor. Cheers, MUZE guys, keep doing it!

Viktor Yankulov

Head of Product Strategy Marketing, tbi bank

MUZE responded to our request for a campaign collaboration super quickly and with no losses in quality whatsoever. All that while maintaining their typical cool attitude. We'd love to partner up again.

Iva Gagarova

Social Media & Influencer Marketing Manager, NL Beauty

The best way I can describe the MUZE guys is "the marketing proactivity a brand is looking for". They never settle, always strive for maximum efficiency and are not afraid of telling you what is actually good for results, even if it's the opposite of what you might want.

Vladimir Ivanov

Head of Marketing, Alphawin

We collaborated with MUZE on our latest Christmas campaign and the end result was so alive, jolly and fruitful thanks to their good work. Keep up the modern take on marketing and teamwork, guys!

Kristina Sourlekova

Business Development Manager, Gift Come True


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